walking aha
In Production; Lysan City, Alstroemeria, and Asua
  • Korea
  • Screening

  • 2022.11.18.Fri 19:30
  • 2022.11.19.Sat 16:00

  • Seoul Art Space Mullae Box Theater

  • 60 min
  • 20,000 KRW
  • Korean

In Production: Lysan City, Alstroemeria, and Asua is a film project that began from “Commu”, a shortened term for the Original Character Community(O.C.). “Commu” is an online community where each user creates one’s own character set in a virtual universe and develops a fictional narrative by interacting with other characters. The artist discovers a peculiar way of narrative writing in the collaborative creation process carried forth by the teenagers gathered in the “Commu.” The strange and surreal universe that evolves by patching story fragments written by each participant exposes the extreme sense of isolation felt by teenagers today, while leaving traces of their repeated attempts and failures of communication. This time the artist will present the making process and a prototype of this film project, which is currently being created through a collaborative writing process that blurs the notion of individual subjectivity.

Production: walking aha
Direction: Jung Jae-hoon
Directon Team: Kim Inbeom, Kim Seoyeon
Music: Choi Taehyun
Sound Effect: Park Daham
Producer: Ko Yoohee

Co-Creation of Story: Natasha Vladlena, 강유진, 고유희, 김나연, 라슬빈, 심다하, 양규리, 양효리, 이새나, 이현빈, 임철민, 정재훈, 정찬석, 조현철, 최연진, 한서화
Illustration: Natasha Vladlena, 강유진, 심다하, 오예린, 임철민, 조현철

*2022 Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture BENXT

In Production; Lysan City, Alstroemeria, and Asua
© courtesy of the artist