Seo Hyun-Suk
less formless
  • Korea
  • Film

  • 2022.11.15.Tue 19:30
  • 2022.11.16.Wed 19:30

  • Art Sonje Center Art Hall

Seo Hyun-suk’s less formless began as a response to Gimhongsok’s intention to create “artworks that are absolutely useless” for the exhibition 2019 Title Match: Incomplete Ruins. Can forms be created out of formless things? Through the tension created between found objects, this work experiments with the manifestation of the immaterial that escapes form. Individualities that cannot be conceptualized. The refractions of nonexistences.

The screening of less formless has been replaced to A Constellation of Ruins due to the safety concerns in the use of fog machines.

‹A Constellation of Ruins›

35 min

history with no storyteller. sites with no evidence. passionless gazes. unconnected words. lame punctuation marks. a grave without a body. the universe as a lie. the archeology of despair. 1933.

less formless
© courtesy of the artist