Kim Boyong
  • Korea
  • Video and Sound Installation

  • 2022.10.31.Mon – 2022.11.2.Wed
    18:00 / 19:00 / 20:00

  • Ob/Scene Space (Seochon Space Seoro)

  • appx. 45 min
  • 20,000 KRW
  • Korean

Obscura is about an observer who stays in a dark space, developing an image of this world by opening one’s senses little by little. The protagonist keeps his eyes shut from the world, keeps all doors to his senses closed, and remains isolated in the darkroom called the body. He awaits and contemplates the world that will arise in the realm of representation. This darkroom is where the sense of reality is produced, where images are created out of one’s control; it is the space of “here and now”, but where the past, present, and the future are entangled, a space of darkness and silence where all of this crumble down.
This work takes the inner world of the audience as its stage. Deep inside one’s inner self, where things arise, linger, crumble, and disappear, a fierce storm rages.

Direction: Kim Boyong
Voice: Kim Hayon
Recording·Sound: Ahn Sang-young

Sponsored by Arts Council Korea
*This work was supported by 2022 Private Theatre Revitalization Program of Art Council Korea

© Kim Boyong