Moonlit (work in progress) *
  • Korea
  • Performance·Video
  • Korean

2022.11.12.Sat 16:00

  • Art Sonje Center Art Hall

  • 15 min
  • 10,000 KRW Double-Bill*
  • *Moonlit(work in progress)/Wael Shawky

‘Chi and Vitality’. Considered the beau ideal in Eastern painting, this concept refers to the style of painting vividly to make objects feel lifelike. If today’s technology allows reality to be rendered more realistically, could it also revive this ‘Chi and Vitality’? Or does this concept exist beyond the mere image? This time, the spirit of Jeongga is infused into a digital reinterpretation of the 19th-century painter Cho Heeryong’s Red and White Apricot Trees.
“While it’s not difficult to see its reflection in the mirror, how could you possibly grab the moon in the water?”

Music: Park Minhee
Video: Lee Lee Nam
Sound: Jang Young Gyu

Sponsored by Arts Council Korea

Moonlit (work in progress) *
© courtesy of the artist